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Welcome to the Keri Systems Knowledge Base. Here you can quickly and easily locate technical information and resources related to the software and hardware developed and manufactured by Keri Systems.

Quick links to common topics are located on the left-hand side of the page. Or you can use the search facility located at the top right.

The main goals for the site are:

  • To collect, utilize and share technical information and resources related to all of Keri's products.
  • To make life easier for Keri System's technical support staff and our customers - by giving you the information you need in an easily accessible manner.
  • For sharing technical expertise.
  • To be a quick and easy to use tool for installing and maintaining a Keri Systems access control system.

You could use the site to find out how to install one of Keri's software applications, to troubleshoot a problem being experienced at an end-user site, to provide yourself with general training or to setup an advanced feature such as; Card and PIN, Elevator Control, Local Linkage, Emergency Lockdown, Situation Manager, Photo Badging, Airlock, Area Control or Anti-Passback.

Tech Support


The site is built on a popular Content Management System (CMS) which provides an easy method of adding, editing and organizing Knowledge Base content.

Feel free to register as a user and offer feedback so as to make the site work just the way you want it to.


Keri has a video channel on YouTube.



YouTube Channel


You can find short, straight-forward and simple training videos about the Doors32 and Doors.NET software plus the NXT and PXL series of hardware.



We are continually striving to make life easier for our staff and to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to our customers, so feel free to watch the videos and send in your feedback, comments or improvement suggestions.


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