Creating a License Key Online

You now have the ability to create your own standard Keri license key using the License Key page on the website. You can create a license for the following controller types:



The License Key page cannot accommodate non-standard licensing such as legacy PXL-500 and legacy Entraguard hardware (typically upgrades from Doors32). It also cannot generate Doors Professional Edition licenses, multiple hardware license types or optional software modules.


Please contact Keri Inside Sales to obtain this type of license.



  1. Go to the License Key page on the Kerisys website (
  2. Read through the License Provision Terms and Conditions.
  3. Tick the confirmation/agreement box, then click Continue.


License Creating - Image 1


  1. Enter the required information in both the Installer and End-User sections. Fields denoted with an asterisk (*) are required. Upon completion, the license key will be e-mailed to the installer.
  2. In the System Information section, select the hardware type that will be in use... An image of the selected controller type will appear as soon as you make your selection.


License Creating - Image 2


  1. Enter the CAPTCHA validation code then click Continue.


License Creating - Image 3


  1. A new license key will be created and it will appear on the screen.


License Creating - Image 4


  1. Click the Finish button and a copy of the license will also be e-mailed to the installer e-mail address.