Event Acknowledgement

The acknowledgment of certain events by the operator consists of two actions: event selection, then processing, then confirmation.

Select an Event

  1. Select the event from the Alert Events display window.



  1. A single click on the event will display detailed information in the processing event form.

Process the Event

  1. A double click on the event or a right-click and "Process This Message" will place the event into the Processing events menu and the event will be marked as In Progress.


Alerts 2


  1. Alert settings are defined in Device Types.


Alerts 1a


For example, in Device Types you can define the event to require a password before it can be confirmed.


Alerts 2a


  1. If there are text instructions these can be read from the Instructions tab.


Alerts 3


  1. The system operator can also enter any notes about the event if defined to in Device Types. This would require a note be added regarding the event prior to confirming the event.


Alerts 4


  1. Notes are added via the Notes tab or can be selected from the Available Notes drop-down list (if any are available) - Instructions for the event will be shown.

Confirm Event

  1. Once processing is complete click Confirm to acknowledge the alert or click In Progress to indicate that you are aware of the event but are not ready to confirm the event.


Alerts 5