Firmware Upgrading


Often a new version of software will include new firmware. When you upgrade the software you will see a notification on the Application Requirements page informing you if a controller upgrade is required and what the new version is. The new firmware files will be installed during the upgrade process.


NXT Firmware Upgrade Advisory


You will see also see notification in the Live Events grid if the controller is detected as having out-of-date firmware.


NXT Controllers:

NXT Live Events Notification


MSC Controllers:




Checking for New Firmware Revisions

You can determine if you have the current firmware revision set by reviewing the revision list displayed in the Software Downloads section of the Keri Systems website.


Note: You must be registered with the Keri Systems website to access the Software Downloads page.


  1. If you determine there is a newer revision of firmware for a Keri controller or supporting peripheral, save the new firmware image into the C:\Keri\DoorsNET\Firmware directory. This must be the computer running the Doors.NET gateway.

  2. Then follow the instructions for upgrading the firmware.