Setup Doors

The Setup Doors process allows you to configure door operating parameters, view event history, audit changes, view current status, manually lock/unlock, configure reader type (as applicable), and mask/unmask certain door event types.


Under the Hardware Setup tab, Click the Doors tab. The Selected Hardware tab is loaded on the ribbon.



Display Door Information by Column

The left pane of the grid lists all recognized Doors in alphabetical order, prioritized by column. Drag column headers above the header field to filter and display information per your specific needs and priorities. Select a door listed in the left pane and all its configuration parameters are displayed in the right pane.


Information displayed in sortable columns:


Review/Edit Door Configuration Parameters

The right pane of the grid lists all information and configuration parameters for the door selected in the left pane. If an item in the grid is grayed-out it is not changeable.




Door Contact


Strike Control


REX 1 Properties


Primary/Secondary (In/Out)





Selected Hardware Door Operations

The Selected Hardware tab displays four operation groups with manual operation commands that can be applied to selected doors in the grid.


NOTE: As is typical with Windows based programs, you can select multiple, random doors or consecutive sets of doors using the standard Windows Ctrl-Click and Shift-Click commands.



Selected Items








NOTE: A quick way to apply manual door operations is to select your doors in the grid and click the right-button on your mouse. A context menu with pull-down options appears allowing you to quickly and easily perform these operations.