Using the Ribbon

The Ribbon provides access to all software features. Access is divided between ribbon tabs (which break the program into its major features) and tab task icons (which provide access to the individual tasks).


There are five main feature tabs and four supporting tabs. Clicking on a tab displays individual task icons on the ribbon according to the feature's requirements.


Main Feature Tabs

  1. Home - access to user management and system status/monitoring tasks
  2. Setup - access to hardware configuration, event monitoring, database and application permissions, system diagnostics, and system options (licensed applications)
  3. Reports - access to system reporting: cardholders, transactions, reader access, and hardware
  4. Tools - allows you to change operator passwords and change the layout / appearance of system windows
  5. View - allows you to manage the docking of windows in the work space and provides access to technical support information


Supporting Tabs

Supporting tabs provide specific feature management options. These tabs appear as needed to support the following features:


Task Icon Groups

Task icons are displayed in groups of related tasks. The above example shows two icon groups: